COL-EP5008B Outdoor OLT

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Key Features

✔ Multi-function outdoor sub headend

✔ Modular Design, Easy to maintenance

✔ Built in EDFA Module:10~23dBm

✔ Built in Layer-3 Switch

✔ Built in hardware reset

✔ Abundant interface :8 PON/2*10GE/2*SFP/4*GE

✔ Remote intelligent management

✔ Compatible with TELECOM CTC 2.0/3.0standard

✔ 1:64 splitting ratio(10KM) ,1:32 splitting ratio(20KM)

✔ Excellent thermal design, operating temperature: -40°C - +75°C

✔ Wide range, Industry class dual power supply,220V/60V/-48V optional

✔ Save backbone fiber network resource, Deploy the FTTH network quickly

Technical Specification --EPON OLT

Parameter Technical specification
System capacity 16K MAC table

Backplane bandwidth 64G

Highest 1:64 optical splitting ratio

Interface 1*Console



2*10GE XFP


4* fixed GE

PON Up/downstream symmetrical 1Gbps transmission speed rate

High sensitive optical receiver: not less than -30dBm

Safety: ONU authentication mechanism

QoS Back-pressure flow control (half-duplex)

IEEE 802.3x flow control (duplex) IEEE 802.1p, CoS

WRR, SP and IFO Queue scheduling algorithm.

Support ONU up/down speed limitation

Support DBA and SLA

VLAN VLAN based on port , IEEE802.1Q VLAN, QinQ
Memory NOR flash: 128 bit; Nand flash: 1G ; DDR2: 2G
Temperature /Humidity/Waterproof -40°C70°C (wide range type) , -25°C60°C(Normal type)

0%90% Non-condensing, IP67

Power supply Dual power Module,60V+60V, 220V+220V,60+220V optional

Input voltage: AC220: 90~300, AC60: 35~90V, -48V

Dimension 395*378*166 mm
Power consumption Max. 30W(OLT only)
Weight 15kg

Technical specification – EDFA Module (optional)

Parameter Technical specification
Operating wavelength 1530~1565nm
Input power -3~+7dBm
Total output power 23dBm(normal), the other is optional
Output power stability ±0.5
Noise figure (Pin=0dBm) 5.5
Input/output isolation 30
Input Pump power leakage -35
Output Pump power leakage -35
Echo loss 45
Optical Interface SC/APC
Management interface RJ45/SNMP Protocol
Dimensions 172*144*44 mm
Power consumption Max. 18W



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