Turkey Telekom TV Home subscribers flat at 1.5 million in 1Q 2022

Turkey Telekom Group announces its financial and operating results. As of March 31, 2022, “Turkey’s multicast service provider” Turk Telekom had 17 million fixed access lines, 14.5 million broadband, 2.9 million TV, and 24.4 million mobile subscribers.

Total Turkey Telekom subscribers reached 52.2 million, with a net increase of 350,000 in 1Q22. Net user additions over the past 12 months were 1.6 million.

Fixed broadband subscribers increased to 14.5 million in 1Q22, a net addition of 151,000, just slightly below our expectations. Broadband ARPU growth of 14.5% was marginally higher than 4Q21 and 1Q21.

Fiber subscribers reached 10.3 million, a quarterly net increase of 729,000. The number of FTTC users reached 7.3 million, while FTTH/B users increased to 3 million. Within our fixed broadband base, the share of fiber customers increased to 71.2% from 53.8% a year ago.

Fiber optic cable network length increased from 366,000 km in 2021 and 336,000 km in 1Q21 to 372,000 km in 1Q22. The fiber network covered 30.6 million households as of 1Q22, compared to 30.2 million by 2021, reflecting continued focus on fiber deployment. FTTC home pass increased to 21.6 million, while FTTH/B home pass reached 9 million.

In Q1’22, TV Home users were the same as the previous quarter at 1.5 million.


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Post time: May-07-2022